Chair of Theory of
Relativity and Gravitation,
Institute of Theoretical Physics,
University of Warsaw
ul. Pasteura 5,
02-093 Warsaw, Poland

Phone: (+48 22) 5532245
Fax: (+48 22) 6219475


Youtube: Conference on the occasion of Jerzy Lewandowski's 60th birthday
Sep. 16-20, 2019. (for the conference website click here)


Prof. Jerzy Lewandowski standing by The Kitchen, 1948 by Picasso at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. The lines in the painting are fairly similar to graphs showing the evolution of quantum states of the gravitational field in loop quantum gravity. For more details visit here. (Photo Credit: Elżbieta Perlińska-Lewandowska)

Topics of research:
  • Canonical Loop Quantum Gravity

  • The Spin Foam models of quantum spacetime
  • Cartan method of equivalence

  • Conformal, projective, Finsler and Cauchy-Riemann geometries

  • Geometry of vector distributions

  • Geometry of differential equations

  • Optical geometry and Cauchy-Riemann structures
  • Geometries with metric connections with torsion
  • Relativistic astrophysics and cosmology

  • Higher-dimensional Einstein equations
  • Study of solutions of Einstein equations describing waves and radiation

  • Isolated and dynamical horizons 

  • Topological string and field theories

  • Mirror symetry, dualities in string and quantum field theories
  • Matrix models (i.e. random matrix theory)
  • Spinor structures and Dirac operator on curved spaces  
  • Relative motion in gravitational fields
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